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Ms. Pizzaz -aka- Dr. Angelou Transitioned Today

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Maya Angelou | 1928-2014

Cause and Effect

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"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

--Coco Chanel

My Self Love Project Is In Full Gear!

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New Life, New Kickassery!

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You know how you want to give up something, but don't know how because you did not introduce yourself to it -- it came to you by way of someone that was doing it themselves. Well, that is where I am currently in my life. It's time to put the past away -- by way of what others have brought to my life. This is the first opportunity that I've had to sit and just write about what's going on with me this year. What better way than sharing it on Easter Sunday via the worldwide web?!?

Stuff just happens and writers don't have a schedule --they just do it like Nike. I guess all of what is also going on with me is that I will be graduating in three weeks and my life will begin. Are you ever really ready for it all -when it happens? Do you always have what you want when the celebration begins? This time around I have no expectations for others, but only for myself. I want to be better.

It takes a lot to wake up and say, I no longer want to eat like others. I no longer want to hang out with the same people. It's time to change my zip code and state. It's time to rearrange my life and throw away a lot of shyt. It's that time. I feel it and want it so bad. I thnk we play a lot of games with ouselves, especially when you are only responsible for you in life and have no family (as in your own children and family). This is not to be negative and I hope that it isn't coming across as such -- but life is very different as I used to know it.

I think that is fair. I think it is fair to assess where you are and where you want to go. It's really fair to be fair to yourself and realize that it is okay to be different -- it is okay to let go of what they brought to you -- though you have nothing to replace it with. I think that this fair to me. This has been one of the most challenging years for me, because I've had to grow up a little more internally and all the while learn what it takes to be in the profession that I'm in.

I'm ready for a break. I can say it with conviction and know that it is time to just live. I don't think I ever really had the opportunity to do so-- I've been searching for a long time. So now, I'm there in that place of transition. I just want to use the wisdom that I have this go around and make it all work -- come together for the greater good.

Happiness is right in front of me | A new Life, A new Kickassery!



A period of time during which a person is normally in a particular life state that can't be defined.





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